Whiten Your Teeth the Right Way with Cosmetic Teeth Whitening

Jan 01, 2021

Tooth discoloration is a common issue affecting many people throughout the world, causing them to raise their palms every time they smile. If you are affected by a similar condition and display yellow teeth instead of white, you might want to consider teeth whitening treatments that are significantly popular.

Before you act on whitening your teeth, thinking it is just a simple procedure, it would help you understand the differences between teeth whitening and cosmetic teeth whitening from a professional dentist. You can purchase teeth whitening treatments by the dozen from supermarkets or pharmacies. However, if you want to remove extrinsic stains on your teeth caused by your lifestyle habits and food choices, you need to have teeth bleaching treatments from a dental professional.

Do not assume cosmetic teeth whitening provided by any cosmetic salon can satisfy your needs. Salons or parlors are not authorized to give teeth bleaching treatments requiring supervision from a qualified dentist. Most importantly, the benefits of cosmetic teeth whitening will be available to you only when a qualified dental professional administers it appropriately.

What Is the Difference between Teeth Whitening and Cosmetic Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening is pretty straightforward, and you merely need to follow the instructions of your dentist to brush and floss correctly and avoid staining foods and beverages. However, despite being simple, the instructions are challenging to follow because you often neglect to brush appropriately and favor foods and drinks, leaving stains on your teeth. Over time the colors darken to leave you with an ungainly smile.

Tooth discoloration has many reasons, some of which could be medications you may have taken earlier or excessive fluoride ingestion that may have left white stains on teeth. Teeth whitening treatments are ineffective against some types of discoloration because the treatments are not supervised by dentists and are merely for everyday use. You may begin using teeth whitening methods with over-the-counter products but may soon get frustrated with the results to believe you need much more than just teeth whitening.

Cosmetic teeth whitening in Ajax, ON, is, in reality, teeth bleaching. The whitening agent used to brighten your teeth is entirely different and not present in over-the-counter products. Hydrogen peroxide is the whitening agent used by dental professionals to brighten your teeth. The concentration of the whitening agent is approximately over 30 percent, and dental professionals must ensure your mouth is adequately protected before applying the hydrogen peroxide to your teeth.

How Does Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Benefit You?

Cosmetic teeth whitening from the dentist in Ajax, ON, is provided after a thorough evaluation of your mouth and teeth. The dentist initially gives you a prophylactic cleaning to ensure no tooth decay or infections affect your teeth to cause sensitivity after applying the bleaching agent.

After cleaning your teeth, the dentist protects your gums, cheeks, and soft tissues of the mouth with a dental dam before applying the hydrogen peroxide gel to your teeth. The gel remains on your teeth for about 15 minutes but is reapplied again for up to an hour. The Ajax dentist uses zoom teeth whitening to brighten your teeth and provide effective results enhanced by 3 to 8 shades in approximately one hour.

After cosmetic teeth whitening, you are advised by Dr. Patel Dentistry that teeth whitening treatments are not permanent, and maintaining the treatment you received is essential. You are offered zoom home teeth whitening trays with bleaching gel to support the whitening treatment longer than expected. Using the trays every day at home helps you to have a brighter and whiter smile longer than anticipated.

Cosmetic teeth whitening is an excellent method to remove discoloration from your teeth and is accepted globally by everyone. However, these treatments by themselves cannot keep your teeth in whiter or brighter shades. It will help if you avoided having staining foods and beverages like tea, coffee, red wine, and cola. Avoiding tobacco products is also recommended by dentists who suggest brushing and flossing is perhaps an excellent way to maintain the color of your teeth. Attending regular six-monthly dental appointments for exams and cleanings are also essential to ensure your teeth are clean and in optimal condition.

Cosmetic teeth whitening shouldn’t make you think the treatment is provided by any cosmetic salon, which many are indeed providing. You must ensure the professional offering the treatment is a qualified dentist and only opt for the treatment if you are convinced about the dentist’s credentials.

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