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What is a CBCT Scan in Dentistry?

Dec 01, 2021

A CBCT scan or a cone-beam computed tomography is a special imaging system used when traditional x-rays are insufficient. It enables the dental professional to have a 3-dimensional view the patient’s teeth, soft tissues, bones and nerve pathways.

The system rotates around the patient and captures data on the teeth, mouth, jaw, neck, ears, nose and throat using a cone-shaped x-ray beam. This provides for faster, more accurate diagnoses, evaluation and treatment plans.

Images from a CBCT scan are different from the traditional x-ray images since they provide three-dimensional (3D) information instead of two-dimensional (2D) information. For instance, the traditional CT scan can only visualize one jaw at a time, while the CBCT visualizes both jaws simultaneously.

Cone beam CT scan also allows the dentist to get the required information with significantly less radiation than traditional dental CT scans. A CBCT Scan in Ajax, ON, aids in the early detection of several threatening diseases, cancers and oral issues. It makes complex cases easier to diagnose and helps provide successful treatment plans.

Common Uses of CBCT Scans

A Cone beam CT scan has several uses and has impacted the dental field greatly. Here are some ways dental professionals find the scans useful.

  1. They are utilized in the treatment planning of orthodontic issues.
  2. They are used in the visualization and surgical planning for impacted teeth since their proximity to nerves and sinuses is precisely determined using the CBCT scan.
  3. The technology in these scans assists in assessing, diagnosing and treating issues with the patient’s gums.
  4. They aid in precise reconstructive and cosmetic dentistry planning as they simultaneously provide detailed images of the soft tissues and bones.
  5. The location of the origin of dental pain is more precise when these 3D scans are used.
  6. Evaluation of the jaws and face, especially in diagnosing the TMJ disorder.
  7. Assisting in the accurate planning and placement of dental implants.
  8. Root canals specialists use these scans to diagnose and treat their patients as the scans provide a detailed view into the inner part of the teeth.
  9. After dental trauma, these scans are used to determine fractures due to the trauma.
  10. While treating children, the scans examine the stages of growth of the skeletal structures and developing teeth. This helps the dentist monitor the child’s dental health, identify the disease and plan interceptive strategies to direct proper growth.
  11. Determining bone structure and tooth orientation.
  12. Detecting, measuring and treating jaw pain.
  13. Assisting in diagnosis of dental cavities.

What to Expect From A CBCT Scan

A cone-beam computed tomography scan is easily done in less than a minute. The dental assistant will position you comfortably so that the area to be examined is centred in the cone beam. The panel system will revolve around you as you remain still. Therefore, you will not be required to bite down on anything during the scan examination.

How to Prepare For A CBCT Scan

These scans do not require special preparation beforehand. During the appointment, just before the scan, you will be required to remove:

  • Eyeglasses
  • Jewelry
  • Hairpins
  • Hearing aids
  • Removable dental appliances

Benefits of CBCT Scans

  1. The patient is exposed to about 98% less radiation as the CBCT radiation levels are much lower than traditional CT scans.
  2. They are safe for patients of all ages, including children who are more sensitive to radiation.
  3. Are convenient and quick. A scan takes less than a minute to complete since the CBCT produces a complete volume image in a single scan rotation.
  4. They aid in the accurate diagnostics, precise development of treatment plans and procedures.
  5. The surrounding roots, sinuses, and nerves’ position and orientation are better assessed than traditional dental CT scans.
  6. The scans are cost-effective.
  7. A patient’s overall experience and satisfaction in the dental office are improved. This is because the scans take less time, and the images are clearly understood even by the patient, therefore, helping them understand their dental issues.

At Dr. Patel Dentistry, we use the most modern CBCT system for precise treatment planning. We offer a wide range of oral health services for children and adults to keep your smile healthy and beautiful. Our dental services cover cosmetic dentistry, emergency dentistry and family dentistry. Make an appointment for procedures such as dental implants, teeth whitening, veneers, dental bonding, root canals, Invisalign®, laser dentistry and several others.

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