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Tips on Managing Emergency Dental Situations

Sep 01, 2019

One of the most common things patients report is that they were not even remotely prepared to handle a dental emergency when it occurred. And by nature of the word “emergency,” that thinking makes a certain amount of sense. But rather than having to frantically search for an “emergency dentist near me” when the situation is in full bloom, why not take the time today to prepare as best as you can?

Prepare Ahead of Time by Locating an Emergency Dental Clinic in Ajax, ON

Being prepared for traumatic injury or damage to the mouth, teeth, and gums means knowing where you will go when the injury or event strikes. The best thing you can do now – before the emergency strikes – is to take time to locate a family dentist in Ajax, ON who can provide emergency dentistry for your whole family.

Why is a family dentist important? Because you never know if the need for urgent care will stem from your child being injured on the soccer field or you breaking a tooth while dining with friends. Part of being prepared for any emergency in life is to have a plan. So plan to identify which emergency dental family practice you’ll be using, and store that number and location information in your smartphone.

As a reminder, Dr. Patel Dentistry accepts and cares for all patients who call or walk into our office with a dental emergency – and we’d welcome you, too!

Think it’s Just a Toothache That Will Go Away on Its Own? You Might Want to Think Again

It’s not uncommon to experience some toothache at some point in your lifetime. And while the ache could be caused by any number of underlying conditions such as trapped food, dental decay, tooth grinding, or swollen gums, the key point to take away is that whenever you experience an ache or pain, it’s your body’s way of calling out for attention. Here are some scenarios from the examples just listed.

A toothache that’s caused by food becoming trapped between your teeth is a very clear signal that your teeth may have shifted out of alignment. This is a common result of not replacing a missing tooth with a dental implant or another form of a prosthetic tooth. The bad news is that your teeth will continue to shift if not treated with restorative or cosmetic dentistry in Ajax.

When you have a toothache that stems from dental decay, that’s a definite red flag that you have not been practicing preventative oral health care. Rather than having to search for an emergency dentist in Ajax, you should plan to see a dentist near you for an immediate dental exam and treatment to prevent future tooth decay.
If your jaw is aching in the mornings when you wake up, that’s a strong indicator that you may be experiencing a nighttime condition known as bruxism – more commonly referred to as teeth grinding. While bruxism is not a dental emergency in and of itself, the fallout from the condition being left untreated can be. Patients can experience chipped or fractured teeth, gum sensitivity and bleeding, and more. Instead of suffering through the condition, Dr. Patel Dentistry can assess and treat this condition during regular office hours.

Have you noticed red, swollen, or bleeding gums? Although not a dental emergency, these conditions should be viewed as a sign that gum or periodontal disease is not far away. Even if your gums only bleed when you’re brushing or flossing, gums that bleed are never considered normal – or anything to be ignored. Instead, contact our office today for a comprehensive dental exam and treatment plan.

Tips for a Permanent Tooth That’s Been Knocked-Out Tooth

It’s not uncommon for a dental veneer or dental crown to become dislodged – both of which can be repaired and replaced during normal dentistry hours. But when a permanent tooth gets knocked out, that’s a real dental emergency. The first thing you should do in treating the trauma is to locate the tooth that’s been dislodged, clean it, clean the area where it was dislodged from, and then place the tooth back into the socket. If it’s not possible to place the tooth into the opening, rest it in between the cheek and gums. And if this is not possible, cover it in a small amount of milk and bring it to the emergency dental appointment.

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