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Things You Should Know Before Getting a Sinus Lift Surgery

Feb 08, 2023

A sinus lift is more common in people who are getting dental implants. If we talk about the significance of the mentioned surgery, it makes implant placement very easy. The procedure can be called sinus augmentation or sometimes sinus graft. Dentists suggest this process to fill the space between your molars and premolars. Read below to know the essential details about the sinus lift procedure.

When Do You Require Sinus Lift Surgery?

Sometimes, patients who need implants don’t have enough height in the upper jaw for implant placement. In such cases, they require upliftment so that implants fit inside the mouth accurately. When it comes to bone loss in the upper jaw, there could be many reasons associated. These might be:

  • Severe gum disease.
  • Tooth loss in the upper jaw.
  • Reabsorption of the bone after permanent tooth loss etc.

Sinus Lift Surgery Procedure

Dental implant placement is a multi-step procedure. Sinus lift surgery could be the initial phase because if there is not any vacant space, implant placements can’t take place efficiently.

  • Initially, there would be a consultation phase where your dentist will perform a detailed examination of the mouth and come up with the requirement list for successful implant placement.
  • This list of requirements may have a sinus lift surgery procedure on the top. You will have to go through X-rays and scans.
  • After an in-depth examination, your dentist will specify whether you need surgery.
  • He/she will set up the timings for your surgery. The whole process will be carried out under the effects of anesthesia or sedatives.

Your surgeon will move ahead with the surgery process. After the process completion, he/she will give you a few instructions that you must follow. Also, you must take care of yourself cautiously so that there will be a speedy recovery.

Signs Showing You Must Take Sinus Surgery

Frequent Chronic Infections 

If you experience infection 3-4 times in a year and once you have an infection, it lasts for more than 45 days. It is a powerful warning sign that you should go to your doctor and get it checked immediately. It’s because there could be a need for surgery.

Breathing Problems 

Breathing problems could be there because of the sinus. A surgical procedure can resolve this issue significantly. It opens the nasal passages plus will resolve other kinds of breathing obstructions.

Uncontrolled Spreading of Infections 

Sinus surgery is the only way to control the spreading of sinuses to your skull and the bones of your face. One of the most important ways to know whether you need surgery is to consult your dentist.

What Happens After Sinus Surgery?

Immediately after surgery, the dentist will tell you to stay in the restroom. It’s mainly till you come out from the effect of anesthesia. Professionals will provide you with the prescription and list of medications that would help you recover from the pain. They will also protect you from getting in contact with the infection.

Risk and Complications

If you choose a quality place and qualified professionals to carry out the process, there are feeble chances of getting the following complications after sinus surgery.

Heavy and Unusual Bleeding 

Heavy bleeding is a rare situation. But if any patient experiences this, it is strongly suggested to stay in the hospital so that the monitoring of the condition is done thoroughly.

Flowing of Tears 

Teary eyes mean sinus inflammation after surgery.

Vision Problems 

Vision issues are one of the unusual cases. But sometimes, people start seeing double and loose end eye vision.


Sometimes, people have nerve damage after surgery. They feel numbness in their face.

Empty Sinus Surgery Syndrome 

People have complained about feeling their nose clogged and difficulty taking complete breaths despite clear nasal passages.


If we talk about complete recovery, people may recover fully and faster if they stick to the medications and instructions prescribed. You will become fully healthy after a few days of having surgery if there won’t any additional problems mentioned above. If everything would be all right, you will take approximately one week to recover.

Dr. Patel Dentistry provides high-quality sinus lift surgery in Ajax, ON. To know more, feel free to contact us any time.

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