The Vital Role of Your Emergency Dentist

Mar 04, 2021

Dental emergencies require urgent and ideal treatment to lessen the risk of having severe oral complications. Here’s more on the role of your emergency dentist.

Are you suffering from severe toothache or having bleeding gum tissues? It’s crucial to visit the ER near you for urgent treatment. Dental emergencies are unprecedented incidents and can be life-threatening. Our emergency dentist in Ajax, ON, determines whether your condition requires emergency treatment and offers specialized and immediate treatment. It will be ideal to seek urgent medical help if you are faced with a dental emergency to avoid further complications.

Emergency dental care aids in the preservation of your teeth and mouth tissues and minimizes the risk of serious infections that can adversely affect your dental. You need to proactively monitor your oral health and seek immediate care when faced with dental emergencies. The emergency dentist near you is well equipped and experienced in ensuring your find suitable treatment.

What’s a Dental Emergency?

It’s hard to determine whether your dental issue requires an emergency or a standard procedure. Our emergency dentist at Canada dental association can provide you with tips on handling dental emergencies as you seek further treatment. A dental emergency refers to an unexpected occurrence that causes traumatic injury to your mouth. The unprecedented incidences require immediate medical attention and are associated with:

  • Knocked-out a tooth
  • Uncontrolled bleeding due to mouth trauma
  • Severe toothaches
  • Development of tumour on your mouth
  • Painful, loose or broken tooth
  • Swollen gum tissues or facial swelling

You need to visit the emergency dental clinic near you if you experience severe pain or bleeding from your mouth for urgent treatment. Oral infections can be life-threatening if they are linked to other body organs, including your heart. Visiting the ER on time will ensure you save your tooth or undergo ideal treatment before your condition becomes severe.

Common Dental Emergencies

Emergency dental services are vital in addressing various emergencies, and some of the potential dental emergencies include:

  • A dental abscess manifests around your tooth root, leading to pus pockets’ formation on your gum tissues. The bacterial infection may spread to your jaw bone and cause deterioration.
  • Severe toothaches indicate you have an underlying dental issue. It’s associate with gum disease or painful cavities. Sensitive teeth and facial swelling may require you to visit an emergency dental clinic for immediate diagnosis and treatment.
  • Cracked, Chipped, or Fractured Teeth hurt due to damages caused inside your teeth. Severe fractures aren’t easy to repair and may compel you to undergo dental extraction.
  • Loose and misaligned teeth may affect your dental structure’s stability, and you need emergency dental care to ensure the adjacent teeth are intact.
  • A knocked-out tooth requires urgent medical attention. Our emergency dentist in Ajax, ON, can reinsert your tooth back into its socket if you seek urgent help. With urgent dental care, your natural and permanent tooth is saved and your tooth functionalities retained.

If you are faced with dental emergencies, it’s crucial to seek emergency dental services and ensure you find specialized treatment. Advanced dental conditions, including TMJ disorder, oral cancer and tooth clenching, can lead to severe complications if left untreated. At Smiles by Dr. Patel, we recommend you undergo immediate treatment when faced with traumatic injuries on your mouth. Visiting your specialist for oral cancer screening and other diagnostic tests is ideal in mapping out underlying issues at early stages and finding treatment.

How to Avoid Potential Dental Emergencies

You can avoid dental emergencies by undergoing periodic dental check-ups and ensuring your mouth tissues remains healthy. Some of the measures that our specialists at Smiles by Dr. Patel recommend include:

  • Wear a mouthguard while engaging in sports to protect your teeth from traumatic injuries that lead to broken, knocked-out or chipped teeth
  • Make routine visits to your oral hygienist for detection of tooth decay.
  • Avoid chewing hard foods and ice that may cause tooth fractures.
  • Undergo treatment for loose crowns or loose teeth that may lead to bone deterioration
  • Floss and brush your teeth using recommended toothpaste

Seeking urgent dental care can preserve your teeth from loss and minimize the risk of severe infections that would require extensive dental procedures in the future. Emergency dental care alleviates your pain and avoids long-term and adverse complications. Please make an appointment with our emergency dentist at Canada dental association, and find the ideal treatment for your dental emergency today.

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