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The Latest Developments in Family and Preventive Dentistry

Jul 14, 2023

Dental technology continues to evolve like other medical fields, and many technological breakthroughs are revolutionizing how dental treatments are performed in family and preventive dentistry. As a result, dental treatments are becoming more efficient, accurate, and less invasive.

Whether young or old, dental patients find preventive dentistry the best approach to maintaining optimal dental health. When a family maintains excellent dental hygiene at home and meets an excellent family dentist, they can consistently keep their teeth and gums healthy.

Preventive dentistry aims to avoid cavities, prevent enamel erosion, and prevent gum disease. Therefore, the basics remain fundamental with routine brushing, flossing, and biannual exams and cleanings because they are essential. At Family and preventive dentistry in Ajax, ON, patients receive multiple preventive dental care treatments.

The Significance of Dental Care from an Early Age

Monitoring dental health from a young age sets the stage for proper oral care through adolescence, teenagers, and beyond. Educating children about the importance of dental hygiene helps ensure future success with teeth and gum health. In addition, when children cultivate proper dental hygiene habits from their parents, it helps ensure self-sufficiency for life.

Dentists recommend preventive dental care for young children from age two. Family dentists admit caring for baby teeth is as essential as caring for permanent teeth. Besides regular dental exams and cleanings, addressing oral health issues must begin with parents at home.

Technological Advances for Family and Preventive Dentistry

Technological advances have made getting family dental care easier, especially when seeking preventive care. For example, dentists use the latest tools to detect early tooth decay and offer preventive treatments to reverse early decay or minimally invasive fillings by preventing invasive therapies.

Dentists are detecting early decay by using the DIAGNOdent laser device to help identify cavities in the early stages. The DIAGNOdent device helps to detect minor and emerging cavities. The technology ensures problem areas become visible instead of remaining undetected.

Dentists are detecting periodontal disease early and implementing treatment methodologies using Periowave to arrest gum disease by using photodynamic disinfection to kill harmful bacteria. The recommendation for Periowave is with regular periodontal hygiene.

Digital X-rays currently provide accurate images to detect tooth decay, assess jawbone density and check the health of the tooth roots. In addition, digital X-rays emit minimal radiation than traditional X-rays and provide computerized images delivered immediately with the sharpness they deserve.

As leading family dentists providing preventive care, the Ajax specialists consider every parent unique. Therefore, the dental practice provides multiple surfaces for the entire family, including routine exams, teeth whitening, dental implants or dentures if required. If necessary, the Ajax specialist can also perform root canals and cosmetic dental therapies. Overall, in Ajax, Ontario, family and preventive dentistry focus on dental care using a preventive approach.

Why Should You Seek Family and Preventive Dentistry?

Visiting a family dentist for preventive dentistry benefits everyone in the family by getting them essential treatments to care for their teeth and gums and prevent common concerns like tooth decay, gum disease, enamel erosion, and cavities. In addition, as you seek family dentistry from a single dental healthcare provider, you do not have to drive around to different dental practices for everyone’s needs.

Whether you need routine cleanings, your spouse needs cosmetic therapies, kids need orthodontic braces, or senior members need dentures, the Ajax dentist offers all services under one roof. The dentist also helps you prevent costs if you possess dental insurance because insurance providers cover two annual dental visits for preventive care. Therefore your insurance provider encourages you to seek preventive care for the entire family because the cost is covered by dental insurance. In addition, the latest technological advances the Ajax dentist uses ensure problems in your mouth are identified early and treated before they advance into severe conditions. If preventive dentistry helps avoid dental issues, the latest developments detect the problems early to prevent them from aggravating and needing invasive therapies. Therefore it helps if you seek preventive dentistry for your entire family from a dental care provider using the latest developments in dentistry and providing the treatments in a calm and relaxed environment.

Dr. Patel Dentistry in Ajax, ON,Ā utilizes the latest developments in dentistry when providing family and preventive dental care. You can benefit from receiving preventive care for your entire family by contacting this dentist for your biannual visits for exams and cleanings.

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