Intra-Oral Pictures

Pictures really do speak a thousand words – when in place of scientific dental jargon!

Intra-oral cameras allow our patients to see what we do. Visualization allows us to create a collaborative environment between patient and dentist. At Dr. Patel Dentistry, we won’t just tell you what we see in your mouth. With the aid of the camera, we’ll show you, and help you understand the significance of everything we see.

Digital X-rays

Digital radiography is the single greatest advancement in medical imaging in the last decade. Images are crisp. Radiation is minimized. Image files may be viewed in multiple locations or shared with specialists. Digital X-rays provide convenient, accurate diagnostic imaging at minimal environmental impact and radiation exposure.

Patient Television

Patients of all ages appreciate the option to watch Netflix or listen to music during dental treatments. It helps take your mind off your procedure, makes time feel like it is passing more quickly, and it might even make you forget you’re at Dr. Patel Dentistry!

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