On average, most people have 32 teeth. Due to insufficient jaw space, sometimes, wisdom teeth (called 3rd molars) cannot erupt in the mouth and can stay within the jaw bone. This can also cause pain in jaw bones or cause other dental problems. Thus, it is important to have our dentist at Dr. Patel Dentistry to provide you with wisdom teeth removal assessment.

Why should wisdom teeth be removed?

Wisdom teeth are last molars to erupt in the mouth between age 15-25. When wisdom teeth erupt straight up with healthy gum tissue around it, they do not need to be removed. Generally, this does not happen all the times. When they grow sideways, they can cause some pain in jaw bones and chewing joint (temporomandibular joint). Not only that but also they can damage the tooth in front of them. This can further disrupt the alignment of teeth in the mouth.

In some cases, when wisdom teeth erupt halfway through the gum, it allows bacteria to grow nearby as brushing those areas can be difficult back in the mouth. This may further cause infections/jaw swelling and pain in relation to wisdom teeth. Removing wisdom teeth prior to these problems arise is recommended. We can provide you with free consultation for your wisdom teeth removal assessment at Dr. Patel Dentistry in Ajax.

Wisdom teeth oral assessment:

This involves taking an x-ray of your jaw bone to locate the position of wisdom teeth and surrounding teeth structure. This will help identify any present or potential future problems that may arise due to malposition of wisdom teeth. Please contact our dentist at Dr. Patel Dentistry, your orthodontist or oral and maxillofacial surgeon for the assessment of your wisdom teeth.

Removal of wisdom teeth:

Many cases of wisdom teeth removal require some sort of sedation anesthesia and perform under a sedative medication. Informed consent will be discussed involving the benefits and risks of the procedure prior to your appointment. The surgical procedure normally involves removal of wisdom teeth through a small window through the gum followed by suturing/approximating the gum tissue for the desired healing process. The recovery can vary based on individual up to a few days. Medications prescribed after the procedure can manage pain and swelling. Appropriate postoperative instructions will be provided at the time of your appointment. We provide a comfortable experience to our patients, and you are continuously monitored during the procedure with appropriate safety devices (vitals monitoring equipment). Please contact our Ajax wisdom teeth removal dentist for the assessment of your wisdom teeth today.


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