Traditional dentures are only being supported by your gum tissue, whereas snap-on dentures are supported by dental implants. Dental Implants in Ajax are titanium based screws that are secured to your jaw bones. Dentures can be attached to these implants to provide desired stability during chewing activities. Traditional dentures without such stability can be moving a lot during the function of chewing. Moreover, they can cause some discomfort if not made properly during chewing by pinching on gum tissues.

Many patients Dr. Patel come across in his practice, have benefited by switching to implants supported dentures/snap-on dentures. Most patients find them comfortable, easy to use. Snap-on dentures can benefit you in many ways not only by providing excellent stability during its usage while eating, but also provide a confident and secure smile. They are also easily removable at nights and can be maintained for a long time with appropriate hygiene practices at home.

If you have the desire to chew better with stable dentures, snap-on dentures can be the right solution for you. Please contact our dentist at Dr. Patel Dentistry in Ajax for a free consultation.

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