Are you considering implant dentistry to replace your missing teeth and restore your smile? Have you been told you are not a candidate for dental implants? Implant dentistry has quickly become one of the most popular options when it comes to missing tooth replacement. Unfortunately for many, they may not be a candidate. When it comes to implant dentistry, a certain amount of bone mass in the jaw is required in order to properly secure the implant.

When patients are missing teeth, it can cause bone loss and demineralization, causing the sinus cavity and oral cavity to be too close together. At Dr. Patel Dentistry, we offer sinus lifts in Ajax, a surgical treatment option which can restore bone mass and make a patient a candidate for dental implant treatment.

Why Sinus Lift Treatment?

As mentioned previously, to be a candidate for dental implant treatment, adequate bone mass is required for placement. A sinus lift surgery allows your dentist to increase the bone mass in your upper jaw, increasing your chances of being a dental implant candidate.

Getting Sinus Lift Surgery

During sinus lift surgery, your dentist will remove tissue to access the area properly. Once accessed, bone and grafting materials are applied to the area, increasing the bone mass. The area is allowed to heal fully, becoming part of the patient before implant placement.

Benefits of Sinus Lifts

When it comes to sinus lift surgery, the major benefit is becoming a candidate for dental implant treatment and improving bone mass in the mouth.

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