If you have a smile that has some gaps in it, we can help you replace them with artificial teeth. If those gaps are missing teeth – you can get dentures at Dr. Patel Dentistry that restore the appearance of your smile and give you the confidence to take pictures and laugh freely.

Your dentist near you will need to assess your mouth and determine the best option for restoring your teeth, possibly recommending dentures. Dentures can either be partial or complete, either replacing several missing teeth or an entire arch of missing teeth.

Complete Dentures

Complete dentures are fitted into a base made of acrylic that matches the look of your gums. The upper denture has a plate that covers the entire roof of your mouth. Lower dentures are shaped like a horseshoe and can rest comfortably and securely against the tissues of the gum and jawbone. Many people think dentures are uncomfortable and look fake, but this is not true. Complete dentures have come a long way since dental technology has advanced, making them an excellent option for patients missing an entire arch of teeth in the mouth.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are designed to use your existing teeth as an anchor. Partial dentures attach replacement teeth to a base that is color matched to your gums. They involve a clasp of some sort that allows them to be attached to existing teeth in the mouth. They can be taken out each day so that you can clean them or put them away while you sleep. The existing teeth used to attach the dentures will sometimes need crowns covering them, making them sturdier and allows partial dentures to be placed more securely in the mouth.

Dentures could be the answer to your missing teeth. Please schedule an appointment with our dentist to discuss the options for any missing teeth you may have in the mouth. You will get a full examination, and Ajax dentist Dr. Patel will recommend the best treatment option for your teeth.

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