When a single tooth or multiple teeth are missing, there are different treatment options available to you. These options include fixed dental implants, fixed dental bridges, or removable treatment options such as partial dentures. A dental bridge can be an excellent treatment option for those who are not ideal candidates for dental implants. The procedure involves taking support from nearby/adjacent teeth as a support for replacement of a missing tooth.

Who Needs a Fixed Dental Bridge?

A noticeable gap is created in your mouth when you are missing a tooth. This gap can create opportunity for nearby teeth to move into the gap and cause a shift in your bite plane. Also, missing teeth can leave the portion of your jawbone unstimulated and over a period of time that can change the shape of your face- and not in a good way. Replacing missing tooth can provide that support and vertical height in the gap area to keep the bite plane aligned and prevent shifting of teeth into the gap. A dental bridge also improves the chewing ability by adding a missing tooth in your dental arch.

How Do I Take Care of Porcelain Bridges?

It is important that you look after your teeth, including dental bridges. We recommend flossing under the bridge and around them just like your natural teeth. This will reduce build up of plaque around them and keeping them clean. Be sure to keep up with your preventative care visits to your dentist in Ajax Dr. Patel. Call us today at 289-660-3368 for a free consultation, appointment, or for more information about dental bridges at Dr. Patel Dentistry.

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