Laser Dentistry Helps Treat Various Dental Conditions Painlessly and Comfortably

Sep 01, 2021

When dentists adopted lasers to treat various dental conditions, the treatments provided acquired the name laser dentistry. Lasers were commercially used in clinical dental practices for procedures of the tooth tissue since 89 when they initially became available.

Laser dentistry offers more comfortable treatment for soft and hard tissue dental procedures than dental drills and other non-laser instruments. Laser is a synonym for “Light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation.” The laser device creates light energy in narrow and focused beams to produce a reaction when it hits the soft or hard tissue enabling it to remove or shape the tissue.

Whether you need treatments for hypersensitivity, tooth decay, gum disease, or cosmetic treatments like teeth whitening laser dentistry in Ajax, Ontario, helps you with the procedures. Lasers have made dental procedures more efficient, cost-effective, and comfortable. Laser dentistry is approved by the Food and Drug Administration as a treatment option for many dental conditions. Unfortunately, the American Dental Association is yet to authorize laser treatments in dentistry, although the organization is hopeful about the potential in this field.

Performing Laser Dentistry Treatments

Laser dentistry helps treat hard and soft tissue problems. The teeth are referred to as the hard tissue, and the gums are referred to as the soft tissue.

Routine hard tissue procedures performed by the dentist in Ajax, ON, include the following:

  • Lasers help detect cavities in the initial stages by detecting evidence of tooth decay.
  • The use of local anesthesia and traditional drills are relegated into the background by lasers because they can kill bacteria in cavities which help in the long-term health of the tooth.
  • Teeth sensitive to temperatures are treated with dental lasers to seal tubules on the tooth’s root.
  • Laser teeth whitening to give you a brighter and whiter smile in cosmetic dental procedures.

Standard soft tissue procedures with lasers include:

  • Laser gum lift procedures to reshape gum tissue associated with a gummy smile.
  • Removing soft tissue folds developing from ill-fitting dentures is comfortable with lasers painlessly and without sutures.
  • Treating tongue frenulum attachment is comfortable with lasers to help children with restricted frenulum causing them to become tongue-tied.

Other dental procedures performed by the dentist in Ajax, ON, include removing benign tumors, treating obstructive sleep apnea, TMJ disorders, cold sores, nerve regeneration, et cetera.

Laser treatments from dental laser clinics vary in price depending on the procedure required by the patient and the equipment used. Laser treatments are inexpensive than traditional dental treatments because they require fewer appointments. In addition, insurance companies reimburse the cost of laser dentistry based on the treatment and not the method used by the dentist.

Types of Lasers Used by Dentists

Dr. Patel Dentistry uses either hard or soft tissue lasers depending on the treatment the patient needs.

Hard tissue lasers help cut through the tooth structure because their wavelengths are absorbed through a combination of water and specific minerals on the teeth. Hard tissue lasers are regularly used to prepare and shape teeth for procedures like composite bonding, repairing dental fillings, or removing tooth structure.

Soft tissue lasers are absorbed through water and hemoglobin, the protein found in blood cells. Soft tissue lasers help treat periodontitis by killing bacteria and activating tissue regrowth. Nerve endings are sealed by soft tissue lasers along with blood vessels when they penetrate the tissue. The treatments do not cause pain after the procedure and also promote faster healing of the tissue.

Are There Any Risks Involved with Laser Dentistry?

The risks as little with laser dentistry are insignificant so long as you find a qualified dental professional experienced at using the suitable wavelengths and power levels to ensure they don’t cause any damage. Furthermore, avoiding promotions by advertisers pushing the use of laser dentistry beyond requirements is recommended to avoid any risks associated with laser dentistry.

Finding a Qualified Professional in Laser Dentistry

Experienced laser dentistry professionals acquire education through dental schools and associations besides the Academy of laser dentistry. If you are looking for a laser dentistry professional, you can conclude your search at Dr. Patel Dentistry, who has received appropriate training after taking educational courses. Do not rely on website ratings without ensuring the reviews are unbiased. Remember, painless and comfortable treatments available at cost-effective prices are not the sole requirements you should consider. You must also ensure you receive the treatment from a qualified professional to ensure you don’t end up with more trouble than you envisaged.

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