Irritated gums making it perfect candidate for gum graft by a dentist in Ajax.

Is AlloDerm Gum Graft the Right Choice for You?

Aug 01, 2023

Gum disease is responsible for tooth loss among 70 percent of the adult population globally, and Canadians are no exception. This condition also contributes to problems like heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, and fatalities. AlloDerm, a new therapy, is acknowledged as effective in restoring gum health to prevent tooth loss.

AlloDerm is a revolutionary therapy using carefully screened and processed human donor tissue to eliminate all cells to create a natural scaffold to promote new gum regeneration and treat moderate to severe gum recession. AlloDerm, an advanced treatment, prevents additional surgical treatment for gum recession by providing a comfortable and effective solution for patients with moderate or advanced periodontitis.

Suitable candidates for AlloDerm

Patients in good general health diagnosed with moderate to severe gum recession are suitable candidates for the AlloDerm procedure. Therefore if your gums have receded to make your teeth appear longer because of smoking or chewing tobacco, gum disease, aggressive brushing or flossing, genetics, medical conditions, inappropriate dental hygiene, and genetics make you consider gum grafting in Ajax, ON, you can discuss your requirements with the provider to determine whether the AlloDerm procedure is suitable for your needs.

What to Expect During Your Consultation for AlloDerm Gum Graft?

During a consultation with the Ajax dentist for the gum graft procedure, expect the professional to examine your teeth, gums, and mouth to assess whether AlloDerm gum grafting is appropriate for your needs. The dentist will review your medical history and evaluate your receding gums. They will discuss the procedure and the aftercare process. If the dentist believes AlloDerm is unsuitable for your needs, recommend a practical alternative approach.

Different types of AlloDerm tissue grafts are on the market, and the dentist will discuss the most suitable option for your needs depending on your specific situation. You will receive comprehensive information about the AlloDerm procedure, including the steps involved and what to expect during healing. You also receive information about the risks and benefits of AlloDerm gum grafts. You can discuss the information provided by the dentist and question them if you have concerns.

Common Signs Indicating Gum Recession

Gum recession does not occur overnight and is a gradual process. In reality, you may not realize your gums are receding until your teeth experience temperature sensitivity and appear elongated, causing gaps between them to expand and expose your tooth roots. You might notice visible pockets between your teeth and gums, trapping food particles and bacteria to encourage periodontal disease formation. Bleeding when brushing and flossing is also a common sign of receding gums.

What Treatments Are Optimal for Gum Recession?

If you are living with gum recession and need a gingival graft visiting a periodontist specializing in preventing periodontal disease is essential. Restoration of your gum tissue helps prevent your condition from worsening. Unfortunately, most treatments for gum recession are invasive and painful. Scaling and root planing are also involved with gum tissue restoration resulting in pain and irritation.

Gum grafting is another standard treatment for restoring gum tissue lost due to recession. Gum grafting requires tissue from another part of the mouth for grafting in the area affected by the recession. After healing, the graft protects exposed tooth roots to create a natural appearance.

AlloDerm is ideal for treating gum recession with grafting because it uses soft tissue gum grafting material without surgery. The donated human tissue used by AlloDerm functions as your natural tissue and is routinely used in dentistry.

Preparing for AlloDerm Gum Grafting

A day before your appointment for AlloDerm gum grafting, the Ajax dentist prescribes antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs. These medications help until the dentist completes the therapy and prevents infection, besides reducing swelling in the adjoining area.

The Working of AlloDerm

The AlloDerm procedure starts with the Ajax dentist performing deep teeth cleaning to eliminate debris buildup on the teeth and gums. You receive local anesthesia for comfort before the dentist makes tiny incisions in the receded gums. The incisions help create small pockets where the dentist places regenerating tissue. During the procedure, you may think the dentist has placed excessive tissue. However, with time, your gums will appear natural as you heal. Finally, the dentist sutures the area to stabilize the graft and prevent the regenerative tissue from shifting to allow proper healing.

You will experience tenderness and swelling with some pain and discomfort after the AlloDerm procedure. The dentist provides comprehensive instructions for aftercare and restricts you from pulling your gums or lips to look at the surgical site and how to manage the dressing material in your mouth after surgery.

You must return to the Ajax dentist for a follow-up appointment a few days later to enable the dentist to remove the dressing material. You must refrain from using crunchy and hard foods after the process and use recommended mouth rinses to help with your recovery. If you develop infections, you can contact the dentist, who prescribes antibiotics to control the problem. Moving the gum graft results in unsuccessful outcomes, so you must exercise caution when eating foods. The dentist will evaluate the gums in the following months to monitor them and ensure regeneration occurs correctly. Full recovery from the AlloDerm procedure will require three to six months.

If you are affected by gum recession from the above-mentioned conditions, you do not have to endure the challenges because you can receive minimally invasive gum grafting with the AlloDerm procedure from Dr. Patel Dentistry. Consult the dental practice today to determine your eligibility and receive a gum grafting procedure from them to improve the appearance of your teeth and smile.

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