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How Do I Take Care of Porcelain Bridges?

Jul 01, 2022

Are you looking to replace a couple of missing teeth and are searching for an optimal solution that is durable and doesn’t impact aesthetics? A dental bridge is an ideal option that you can consider to replace one or more missing teeth. Artificial teeth are held by dental crowns mounted on neighbouring natural teeth or dental implants to keep the fake tooth or teeth in place.

If tooth loss impacts your smile, you would undoubtedly want a solution that doesn’t appear ungainly in your mouth. Dental bridge in Ajax, ON, understands your concerns and recommends that you have a porcelain bridge as your artificial tooth. However, while porcelain Bridges satisfy your desire to improve the aesthetics of your smile, they require care after getting them.

This article focuses on caring for porcelain Bridges to ensure they remain in your mouth for their expected lifespan.

Dental Bridge Varieties

Traditional Bridges

Traditional bridges help if you have two natural teeth neighbouring the missing tooth gap. The teeth on either side of the gap undergo preparation to accommodate dental crowns, and the artificial tooth called Pontic is anchored between the dental crowns. Traditional bridges function as a fixed dental bridges becoming a permanent addition to your smile.

Implant-Supported Bridges

Implant-supported Bridges are an option if you have a significant gap in your mouth without teeth to anchor the bridge. Dental implants are embedded on both sides of the opening, and the Pontic is attached between the implants. Dental implants involve inserting a titanium root into the jawbone in a surgical process. You require a healthy jawbone and gums to receive dental implants.

Maryland Bridges

Maryland Bridges, alternatively called resin-bonded bridges, are routinely used to replace front teeth. The artificial tooth is placed in the missing tooth gap and held by a framework attached to the back of the natural teeth on either side.

Cantilever Bridges

Cantilever bridges are similar to traditional bridges, but they don’t require two natural teeth on either side of the gap. If you have merely one tooth next to the missing tooth, the Ajax providers recommend a cantilever bridge.

Caring for Dental Bridges

As dental bridges are permanent additions to your mouth, you must care for them similarly to your natural teeth. The care for porcelain dental bridges includes:

You must brush twice a day using a soft-bristled toothbrush, ensuring that you touch all surfaces of your teeth.
Flossing every day regardless of the time is essential because it helps remove plaque buildup from the challenging to reach areas in the mouth and keeps your gums healthy. Dental bridges require you to invest in special flossing devices to enable you to floss under the dental bridge.
You can use an antiseptic mouthwash to protect the surface of your teeth from various microorganisms. Ensure that you choose a mouthwash recommended by the dental bridge provider.

Eating a Balanced Diet

Having a balanced diet benefits your entire body, including your teeth. You must refrain from having sugary foods and snacks that impact your oral hygiene. You can comfortably manage dental problems by limiting sugars.
When searching for snacks, you must opt for fruits and crunchy raw vegetables. The snacks help stimulate your gums when chewing, increase saliva production, and help clean your teeth. You can also consider unsweetened yogurt, cheese, and cottage cheese that offer dental benefits because they contain high levels of calcium and protein.

Another way to keep your mouth clean between brushing and flossing is to have plenty of water because it helps to keep you hydrated and rinses your mouth.

Dental Visits

Maintaining regular dental visits is essential after getting dental bridges to replace missing teeth or maintain excellent dental hygiene. The Canadian Dental Association recommends six-monthly or yearly visits to your dentist for exams and cleaning, depending on your situation.

Dental visits help eliminate plaque and tartar from your teeth constantly developing to cause severe problems like gingivitis and periodontal disease.

If you care for the porcelain dental bridge appropriately, you can expect it to remain in your mouth for approximately a decade or more. Your dentist can examine the bridges during your visits and recommend replacements if required.

If you have porcelain dental bridges, ensure that you refrain from harmful mouth-related efforts like chewing on complex objects, fingernails, ice, and opening packages with your teeth because you might damage the porcelain bridge. Besides, the above dental bridges will not likely cause any problems and remain a permanent fixture in your mouth.

Dr. Patel Dentistry provides dental bridges to close gaps between your teeth. If you need porcelain Bridges, kindly schedule an appointment with this practice to have your replacement teeth as soon as possible.


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