Girl flaunting a beautiful teeth after getting dental implants.

Flaunt a Lovely Smile with Dental Implants

Jul 01, 2021

Dental implants are replacements for missing teeth. They are made up of a combination of titanium and body-friendly materials. Dental implants replace the tooth root with metal, screw-like posts. They are installed into the jawbones and provide a strong base for an artificial tooth or crown. Crowns are made up of porcelain or acrylic that look like your natural teeth.

Dental Implants Procedure – What the Patients Can Expect?

Dental implant procedures may involve several appointments. It starts with an initial evaluation of your teeth that includes an X-ray of your teeth. Your dentist will review your jawbone density and quantity. There should be sufficient bone structure to place and support the implant.

Depending upon the structure of the jawbone, it may need to add extra bone to give the implant a solid foundation. Your dentist will also remove the damaged part of the teeth if any and prepare your jawbone for bone grafting. After bone grafting, the jawbone needs time to heal before installing an implant.

After, a dental implant composed of titanium screws is installed by drilling a pivot hole in the site of the jaw and broadened to make proper space for the implant. Once in place, surrounding gum tissues are secured on the implant and a protective cover is placed on the top to allow the site to heal properly and osseointegration to happen. An osseointegration implant takes six weeks to six months to anchor and heal.

When your jawbone is healed, your dentist will reopen the gums to expose the dental implant and screw the abutment into the dental implant. Again, the dentist will wait for one to two weeks for the gums to heal.

The dentist will take an impression of your teeth which is used to make permanent artificial teeth or dental crowns for your dental implant. Meanwhile, a temporary crown is attached with an abutment that serves as a template around which the gum grows and naturally shapes itself.

In the next appointment, your temporary crown is replaced with the permanent crown that is screwed onto your abutment. To learn more about the dental implant procedure contact our Dentist in Ajax, Ontario.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants near you provide a variety of benefits including:

Improved Appearance

Dental implants are designed to fuse with your bone and the crown is also made of porcelain that is the same as your tooth color. It also helps to get back your beautiful smile and increase your self-esteem.

Improved Oral Health

Dental implants don’t need the elimination of other teeth to make space for the implant as other dental procedures. It also does not affect the nearby teeth to support the implants and to improve your overall oral health.

Improve Your Bite

Nearby teeth may tilt to fill up the blank space resulted from broken or missing teeth that can affect your bite and make chewing difficult. Dental implants work like your natural teeth and allow you to eat your favorite food again.


Dental implants become a permanent part of your mouth. They are safest and effective than other dental restoration methods built to eliminate the embarrassment and discomfort of removable dentures.

Tips to Maintain Your Dental Implants

After a dental implant, you may feel some discomfort such as swelling of your face and gums, pain at the implant site, bruising of your face and gums, and minor bleeding. You may need antibiotics in that cases. After the treatment eat only soft foods while the surgical site heals.

Dental implants are long-lasting if properly taken care of. One should follow these steps for the long life of your dental implants. These are:

  • Always practice good oral habits. Just as your natural teeth, keep your dental implants clean. Always use an interdental brush that can clean every corner of your teeth where your normal brush can’t reach.
  • Avoid chewing hard and sticky items such as ice and candies. It can break or dislodge your restorations.
  • You should visit your dentist regularly. Dental checkups will help you to maintain the proper functioning of your teeth and dental implant.

Dental implants help you to maintain your tooth structure. You can get single or full mouth dental implants. Call and book an appointment today for single dental implants in Ajax, Ontario.

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