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Five Facts About Dentures

May 01, 2021

When it comes to teeth replacement, there is an array of options that you can choose from like bridges, implants, and dentures. Among these three options dentures are the most affordable.

However, these dental fixtures are believed to be used by older people. In the past, dental dentures were a bit uncomfortable and were not the ideal treatment for teeth replacement. But, with advanced technology, these false teeth are easy to use and can be crafted to fit your precise dental structure. Before you visit a denture dentist near you, here are a few facts you need to know.

1. Dentures are Customized

Dentures are available in two main types—partial and complete dentures, and the dentist will choose one depending on the number of teeth missing. These false teeth are customized to address your specific dental needs.

  • Complete dentures

People who have all their teeth missing or have a few remaining can use complete dentures to restore their smile. These dentures are available in two options; immediate and conventional dentures.

Immediate dentures are prefabricated at the dental office and are used immediately after the teeth extraction. These dentures come in handy during the gum healing period as they enable you to eat and smile. However, with times they will become ill-fitting as the gums shrink. That’s why they are used as a temporary measure as you wait for the conventional dentures to be made.

Once the gums heal (about 12 weeks), the dentist will take a cast of your dental structure to make the conventional ones. These are made at the lab it takes a couple of weeks to get them back.

If you have healthy jaw support, the dentist may recommend implant-supported dentures. The implants are fixed on the jaw bone to anchor the artificial teeth.

  • Partial dentures

When you have a few teeth missing, these partial dentures may come in handy. The dentures are made of a few teeth with a gum-support or a metal framework and they have a clasp that is anchored on the remaining teeth.

2. The Procedure is Simple, But Long

Getting permanent dentures is simple and a pain-free process (apart from the tooth extraction part), but the procedure can last for a couple of months.

After the dentist has examined the teeth and determined the suitable dentures, he will take several impressions of your jaw. The color, shape, and fit are examined before the dentures are made. The final dentures are made and adjustments made where necessary.

It is worth noting that the length of the treatment will differ depending on the type of dentures you choose. Since the partial dentures do not need an extraction, the process may last shorter compared to the complete dentures.

3. No, Dentures Do Not Stop Bone Loss

Bone loss is one of the problems that develop when you have missing teeth. However, with treatments like implants and bridges, bone loss may be prevented or slowed down. The dentures, however, do not offer that feature. Bone degeneration will occur after a while.

If you are looking to prevent bone loss, then the above-mentioned treatments may be the perfect option. You may also opt for implant-supported permanent dentures.

4. You Will Need a Reline

Because of the bone loss, your jaw will shrink and cause the dentures to become ill-fitting. As such, you will be required to get a reline to fix them every two years. Pay attention to the fit of your dentures and have them readjusted on time before they cause any more damage. Visit a denture clinic if you have soreness and pain or receding of the gums.

5. You May Need Some Adjustment Time

The first time you get the dentures, you will experience discomfort and soreness of the gums. Saliva production may also increase in the first few days. Your speech may sound odd at first, but these problems will clear out as you adjust to the dentures.

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