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Dental Bridges Are a Solution for Missing Teeth

Mar 13, 2020

Losing a tooth because of reasons like injuries, natural causes, or medical conditions can leave you wondering what your options are to restore your smile. Missing teeth can cause unsightly gaps in your mouth but this is a cosmetic problem. You could be experiencing pain when chewing, discomfort in your jaw or other problems caused by a change in your bite.

A common solution that can resolve this issue is to have a tooth Bridge placed in your mouth. If you do not have any information about this procedure it would be helpful to understand what you can expect.

What Are Dental Bridges?

Dental Bridges are a solution that can be used when you have lost a tooth. They are also useful for closing gaps that are causing your remaining teeth to become loose. The replacement tooth will occupy the space created by the missing teeth to give you a natural appearance while helping to restore the tooth.

When you begin searching for dental Bridges you will come across four varieties offered to you and your dentist will determine which option is best for your situation. A traditional Bridge is the most common which has one or more false teeth held in place with crowns. The crowns will be bonded to the teeth surrounding the missing tooth.

If there is just one tooth left beside the missing tooth you can have this variety of crown secured in your mouth. Maryland bridges offer you a conservative approach by using a porcelain or metal framework to secure the false teeth in place. Maryland bridges are not as strong as the ones bonded in and therefore the teeth that have a lot of biting stress will not be able to withstand this variety.

The final variety is a dental implant bridge that is used when you have more than one tooth missing in your mouth. These bridges are held in place by dental implants that are secured into your jawbone for maximum stability. Dentists routinely place one implant for every missing tooth.

The Procedure for Placing Dental Bridges

The placement of dental Bridges does not require surgery and therefore you will be awake during the treatment. However, if you are nervous or uneasy about the procedure your dentist can provide you sedation to feel more comfortable. The dentist will also numb the area of your mouth by administering a local anesthetic directly into the gums.

The first step when placing a porcelain bridge using the Maryland variety will require the dentist to take imprints and measurements of your mouth to ensure that your custom-made bridge will fit properly and be comfortable. You will be requested to bite down on a soft piece of foam to create the impression. If necessary the dentist may place temporary crowns if your teeth are compromised to offer you protection as you wait for the bridge to be created. During the procedure, the temporary crowns will be removed as the dentist will apply the cement to hold the bridge in place.

Discomfort Level during and after the Procedure

You shouldn’t feel any sharp pains during the procedure because of the local anesthetic administered. However, your mouth will have to remain open for several hours which may leave you with some discomfort and soreness in the jaw. You can use over-the-counter pain medications or even an ice pack on the outside of the jaw to find relief from the same.

Recovering from the Placements

The recovery time needed after having dental Bridges placed is minimal. You can begin eating normally as soon as the bridge is placed in your mouth. Patients do not report experiencing difficulties adapting to the Bridges but if you experience any pain it could be a rough patch that can be fixed by your dentist but performing some adjustments.

The Advantages of Dental Bridges

Dental Bridges can offer you many benefits. This procedure which is simple provides an appealing cosmetic result to eliminate unsightly gaps and create a beautiful and uniform smile. Missing one or more teeth can also affect your biting and chewing. Replacing the missing teeth with Bridges will put an end to any problems you are facing when eating or speaking.

If you obtain the right treatment from Dr. Patel Dentistry the missing or damaged tooth will not impact the appearance of your smile or the overall condition of your mouth. Dental Bridges can offer many advantages and if your dentist recommends this treatment for your condition it should be an excellent option.

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