COVID Update In Ajax, Ontario

Jun 30, 2020

At Dr. Patel Dentistry in Ajax, ON, we understand the impact that COVID-19 has had on all of our lives. Keeping up with the latest guidelines from health organizations, we’ve implemented several changes to our office.

These changes aim to keep our patients and staff safe and healthy without disrupting our ability to provide our patients with the care they need. Rest assured that implementing these updates is for your benefit, and we’re constantly working on ways to minimize any inconvenience.

These steps are taken to protect our patients:

  • Air purifying units to cleanse the air are present in each operatory and the waiting area.
  • For your health and wellbeing, expect to be screened via an infrared thermometer and an oxygen saturation machine. This is painless and will only take a few seconds.
  • To minimize physical contact, all forms are submitted electronically. You don’t need to worry about filling out paperwork or touching anything that isn’t necessary.
  • Hand sanitizer is present throughout our office. Feel free to use it.
  • Several changes were made to our waiting area, such as the addition of plexiglass. We realize that the waiting area is where patients are most likely to come in contact with each other. We’ve modified it to allow for social distancing per health guidelines and recommendations.
  • We have four isolated and fully equipped operatories with only 3-4 staff to keep traffic down.

Your health and wellbeing are our priorities. We take pride in continuing to serve our patients through these difficult times. Your concerns and worries are heard and understood. We understand that our patients need to keep seeing us and that sometimes care can’t be postponed.

COVID-19 has altered many aspects of our lives. At Dr. Patel Dentistry, we look forward to seeing you in a safe and clean environment.

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