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Am I a Good Candidate for Single Dental Implants?

Nov 01, 2022

Dental implants are excellent prosthetics for replacing missing teeth, whether one or several. If you miss a tooth or two, the dentist nearby will likely recommend getting dental implants as replacements to close the edentulous gaps between your teeth. Unfortunately, not everyone is suitable for single or multiple dental implants because they must satisfy some criteria when considering a lifelong replacement solution for lost teeth.

If you have lost a tooth or must have one extracted, you must discuss your eligibility to receive dental implants before choosing an option for replacing them. Unfortunately, many people cannot receive dental implants for various reasons. This article takes you through the criteria for receiving implants and why it is crucial for you to meet them.

Reasons Why Your Eligibility for Single Implants Might Be Hampered

  • Medication Use: Some medications make dental implants unsuitable for you. If you are on chemotherapy, corticosteroids and bisphosphonates are the medicines that make you ineligible to receive implants. Studies indicate that people on beta blockers for cardiovascular conditions or hypertension are at a higher risk of dental implant failure.
  • Uncontrolled Illnesses: the procedure for getting dental implants is relatively complicated. For the implants to osseointegrate and heal successfully, you must be in good general health and free from illnesses that might hamper healing. For example, some health conditions such as cancer, hemophilia, diabetes, and autoimmune disorders can make you ineligible to receive single teeth implants to replace your lost teeth. The health conditions affecting you disrupt your candidacy for dental implants because they affect your healing ability. In addition, some conditions can cause infections after surgery. For example, osteonecrosis is another bone disease that changes how your bone tissue responds to surgery. In such cases, dentists do not recommend dental implants. Furthermore, if you have ongoing medical conditions, single implants in Ajax, ON, carefully evaluate your medical history to determine whether or not you are a good candidate for single implant surgery.
  • Ongoing Oral Health or Periodontal Problems: If you desire dental implants, you must have a history of maintaining excellent dental hygiene and shouldn’t be a victim of periodontal disease. Gum disease causes infections during the implant process and problems with dental implant placement. However, the Ajax facility can help restore your periodontal health by providing deep cleanings and maintaining dental hygiene as suggested by dentists to help you overcome the problem with the infection to become a candidate for single implants with the practice in a few months.
  • Bone Density: to receive single implants or multiple you must have sufficient jawbone density making it robust to hold dental implants. Studies indicate that bone loss can be as high as 25 percent during the first year of missing a tooth, and the reduction expands between 40 to 60 percent in the following three years. If you wish to receive dental implants with insufficient jawbone, you must accept the Ajax dentist’s proposal to have bone grafting support dental prosthetics.

Besides the above, lifestyle habits like poor dental hygiene, smoking, and excessive alcohol consumption also affect healing after dental implant surgery. To become a candidate for single tooth implants, you must commit to maintaining excellent dental hygiene and not to smoke for the duration of the implant procedure requiring four months to a year to complete. Smoking after getting dental implants embedded can result in implant failure making it imperative to commit to not smoking until after your recovery. You must also avoid consuming alcohol during your healing from getting dental implants. Alcohol dries your mouth and impedes healing.

If you are not affected by any of the problems described, you become a candidate for single or multiple dental implants to replace your lost teeth and recover from the procedure in approximately three to ten months, when you can have your custom-created porcelain tooth mounted on the implant.

While you cannot commit that you will never get affected by health conditions that might develop at any time, you can undoubtedly confirm not to smoke, consume excessive alcohol, and take care of your oral hygiene to ensure your candidacy for dental implants isn’t hampered by such habits.

If confirmed as a candidate for dental implants, you receive a dental prosthetic that remains with you for life with proper dental hygiene by giving you a natural-looking and feeling artificial tooth indistinguishable from your natural teeth.

Dr. Patel Dentistry provides dental implants in Ajax after evaluating your medical history and other criteria to ensure you succeed with the treatment. If you need help replacing a missing tooth or two with single implants, kindly schedule a meeting with the practice to have a treatment plan customized for you and receive the implants from them.

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