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All You Need to Know about Teeth in a Day for Missing Teeth Replacement

Mar 08, 2023

When confronting tooth loss, you don’t have to worry about it if you desire a quick fix. Instead, consider getting teeth in a day with dental implants that help replace the lost tooth providing a fast and effective technique to restore your smile.

If you are not aware of getting teeth in a day replaced, you must consider researching the options because you can discuss the replacement procedure with a dentist while also receiving information on alternatives that also help replace teeth. However, if you want a permanent solution for the lost teeth, you cannot find a better solution than dental implants holding teeth in a day.

Differences between Standard Implants and Same Day Teeth Implants

Standard dental implants require multiple dental visits to assess and examine your mouth. The implant placement procedure requires one visit when the dentist embeds a titanium post in your jawbone to function as your artificial tooth root. After that, you must follow up with the provider until your gums have healed before you return to the provider to receive your fake tooth.

In contrast, if you prefer same-day teeth implants, the titanium post is embedded directly into your jawbone or under your gums. You also receive temporary teeth in a day in Ajax, ON, which places a dental crown over the implant immediately for aesthetic purposes.

Benefits of Teeth in a Day

The procedure of getting teeth in a day has several benefits over traditional implants. Immediate teeth implants are minimally invasive, and the process is not time-consuming like conventional implants. You do not have to schedule multiple appointments with the Ajax provider, as one appointment is sufficient to embed the implant in your jawbone surgically. As you receive a temporary dental crown over the implant, immediately you don’t confront challenges eating food or smiling. In contrast, patients receiving traditional implants must refrain from having many foods that can dislodge the embedded titanium post until they have a dental crown placed over the dental prosthetic.

Immediate implants also provide aesthetic benefits. With traditional implants, your jaws and gums must heal before you can get a dental crown over the placement. However, when you receive teeth in a day, the crown placement occurs before the healing. Immediate placement of the dental crown helps the restoration position itself better, enabling the gums to heal around the dental crown. Eventually, the dental crown has a natural appearance in the mouth.

Are You Suitable for Teeth in a Day?

Like every dental procedure, restrictions exist on whether you can have these prosthetics. The conditions primarily concentrate on the density of your jawbone because immediate implants are not an option if it is compromised or damaged because of the technique used to anchor them in your mouth. If you have jawbone resorption, you will require bone grafts and antibiotics to augment bone density before you receive implants. However, you may become a likely candidate for teeth in a day if you have a few missing teeth, gums and jaws, are not affected by conditions like bruxism, and are reluctant to wear dentures.

How to Prepare for Teeth in a Day?

When you decide that replacing missing teeth is a better option than having gaps between your teeth, you must arrange an appointment with the Ajax provider to discuss getting replacement teeth on the day you visit them. The dentist will perform a comprehensive exam by collecting your medical and dental history to determine whether any conditions might affect the surgical procedure. They can also assess bone loss by taking x-rays and 3D images of your mouth to determine your suitability. If everything is acceptable, you can receive the implants with teeth in a day to cover the gaps between your teeth and leave the dental office smiling away to glory.

Getting teeth in a day using dental implants provides a permanent solution for the missing teeth that stays in your mouth for life and merely require excellent dental hygiene and regular cleanings from the dentist. Unless you allow dental plaque to accumulate around your natural and implanted teeth to become a victim of gum disease, you can rest assured that the teeth you got in a day will become your lifelong companion helping you enjoy your mouth functionality and smile for a long time.

If you have lost teeth and desire instant replacements, Dr. Patel Dentistry provides teeth in a day, assessing your oral and general health. Consult them today to receive replacement teeth in one appointment to benefit your dental health.

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