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All Information You Ever Wanted about Dentures

May 08, 2020

Do you have questions about dentures because you have noticed your family members wearing them, considering them for yourselves, or for any other reason you have reached the right page? We have all the information on what dentures are and how they can improve your oral health. We can also help you with information about how dentures should be cared for and believe we can help you answer all the questions in your mind to understand whether dentures are the proper solution for you.

Dentures — What Are They?

Dentures are false teeth and gums that are fabricated for your mouth and developed by your dentist for replacing lost or extracted natural teeth. You can either have full dentures or partial dentures indicating they can replace all the teeth on the top or the bottom gum line or even just a few that are missing. You can decide what type of dentures you need for your dentist to have them custom-designed for your mouth. The dentures will be visually matched to the remaining teeth in your mouth.

What Are Dentures Made From?

Earlier plastic or porcelain was used to make false teeth but presently hard resin is used to make modern-day dentures. The materials used for making them are fragile and can easily break or chip if dropped or not provided proper attention. The material can also wear down faster than natural teeth and therefore must be replaced with a new set every five years.

The supporting structure of dentures that holds the false teeth in place and looks like the natural gum line is also made from similar material used for the teeth. Sometimes a flexible polymer material is also used to fit snugly on the natural gum line.

Why Consider Dentures?

When you have multiple missing teeth the appearance of your smile will be affected along with the structure of your mouth. Dentures can address the shortfalls you are encountering by supporting the structures around the cheeks and lips. Eating foods and chewing will be made easy by dentures to make it possible for you to maintain your diet and ensure that you are properly nourished. Finally, they are a suitable solution for replacing teeth that are causing painful conditions and oral health issues like decayed roots and severe damage. You can eliminate troublesome teeth by having dentures fitted and replaced with a strong and beautiful alternative.

What Kind of Dentures Should You Consider?

You can consider partial dentures if you have natural surrounding teeth when more than a couple of teeth are missing. The partials will be fitted to the portion of the gum line they will be sitting on and fastened to the adjacent natural teeth either as lower or upper dentures. They can, however, be taken out any time for cleaning and when sleeping. Therefore they can also be referred to as removable dentures.

If you need to replace all your natural teeth you can consider full dentures that are also known as complete dentures. You can have them fitted on the top or bottom gum line and these are held in place by suction or with oral adhesive. As they can be removed easily they can also be referred to as removable dentures.

If you want to have fixed dentures you should discuss with your dentist about implant-supported dentures that will be anchored by dental implants. These are fixed on the implant and resemble the natural tooth. The denture clinic can help you to determine which type of dentures are best suited for your specific situation and also provide them to you as needed.

If you are having teeth extracted and need temporary dentures in Ajax you can consider yourselves fortunate because the dentist can provide you temporary appliances immediately after extracting your teeth. These dentures can be fitted more easily than the permanent variety to accommodate changes in your mouth as the swelling in your gums and jaw subsides during the healing process. They can be disposed of after the healing process is over and your mouth is prepared for permanent dentures.

Caring for Your Dentures

Dentures need everyday care just like your regular teeth regardless of the type you have chosen for yourselves. Dentures may be false teeth but plaque and bacteria and tartar can build upon them to harm your existing teeth. Cleaning your dentures is not difficult because you just need to remove them from your mouth and run clear water over them to remove any food particles stuck between the teeth and along the gum line. You can brush the dentures with a denture toothbrush with mild soap and rinsing them thoroughly as well.

You must also provide proper attention to any remaining teeth in your mouth by cleaning them and your gums with a soft toothbrush and fluoridated toothpaste if needed.

If you have more questions about dentures it is suggested that you discuss with your dentist at Dr. Patel Dentistry about them during your next dental checkup. He or she can help you determine whether dentures are suitable for you and decide on the type that you should be choosing.

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